Keeping Up Here...

Summer has been over and in fact we are now back to the normal grind. If I may recall, what took place last summer was a total blast of fun... indescribable joy. We (my family) were able to spend it momentously making it therefore a very well spent one.

However, throwing a glance at this page with not even a single summer story is reflected made me realize how much I've missed. Though that doesn't mean I don't have any; in fact, there's a lot to tell if only I have that much time at hand. How I wish time can be bought at the price of a single d addario strings at because if there's something that I constantly needed since then, that's TIME.

My new work assignment this school year made it even tougher. My then plan to build a new site is even hindered. I hope time would be a little more kind to a busy bee like me. 😄 I shall resume updating the soonest possible I can.