Looking Forward to Spend Summer with the Things I Love Doing

What a long day!

Earlier at work today was extremely busy with the annual Completion and Recognition Ceremony approaching. Everyone has an assigned task. I take charge of the programs like I used to along with two others. Making programs is a tough job. It has always been. There's no room for errors.  My colleagues and I can make use of bose headphones at guitar center and isolate ourselves from the world till we get it all done.

Tomorrow, Friday is the deadline we have to beat. The programs has to be distributed the day after next then we'll be free for the summer. Isn't that great?

I can't wait to spend summer with the things I love to do and with the people I love spending it with. This time summer for me means more time with my kitchen and my baking tools. That has to wait, though. For the mean time, I've got a little over a week to look for something to experiment on in my kitchen. :D