Our Humble New Year's Eve Table

The world is welcoming a brand New Year and celebrations are everywhere!

One of the New Year rituals we have inherited from the ancient time is the preparation of the New Year's Eve banquette, where we give emphasis on indulgence. This along with the other beliefs (such as gathering 13 round fruits, wearing something red and shooing the bad spirits away through lighted fireworks) are said to attract good fortune for the New Year.

Regardless of the reason though, there was so much excitement in me as we've prepared our New Year's Eve banquette table. It turned out very humble but behind it is a very proud soul.

 photo 16a56f6c-6783-437d-aa2a-8d177459ae89_zpskwduoj3x.jpg
I couldn't thank enough the "Santa" who gave in to my newly-discovered passion (cooking/baking) and for generously supporting it with a brand new electric oven (as my Christmas present :D) - making all these holiday preparation possible.

Roasted whole chicken, baked ham in pineapple, pasta recipes and some pastries - all these went in and out straight from the new oven. Imagine the joy it brought me. I'm such a happy, contented brat this year! I couldn't ask for more...hmmm... at least for now. LOL!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, to all Juan!