Homemade + No Bake White and Dark Chocolate Truffles

I'm still the same person that I am -  without a sweet tooth - at least as of this writing... but who knows where this new found passion of mine will take me in the coming days.

Inspired by the first produce of my homegrown cacao tree on my front yard, I expressed in my post here that I shall be making a treat out from it. And that something happened to be this...

 photo 06f2d9ed-2b86-4b7c-9b93-36244dd8c322_zpstsrcq1pe.jpg
...my first homemade chocolate truffles attempt!

 photo 8c7371ad-e0a4-4a9a-8e61-65458b032ace_zpsiyrentca.jpg
As mentioned, it is homemade so I took full liberty to do it the way I want it. Also I promised a friend (a fellow blogger) the recipe and so here it is...

We start off with the ingredients.

  • Crushed Grahams, toasted bread, or any crackers and biscuits of your choice

  • Unsweetened Butter

  • Evaporated Milk

  • Sugar (optional)

  • Melted white and dark chocolate for coating

For the preparation, simply mix all the first four ingredients together. You may use just enough amount of butter and milk to moisten the ground or crushed biscuits.  On a two separate containers have your melted white and dark chocolates ready.

From the mixture, scoop a generous amount, enough to form small balls (not too small, not too big). Using a spoon, gently dip to cover each ball with the melted chocolates - one at a time. The use of a chocolate molder, if available will make the job much more efficient though. Mine are still on its way and Christmas can't wait. LOL!

For the final touch, drizzle the remaining chocolate melt on top of the balls, let it cool in a room temperature or in the fridge for a while, and you're done.

How sweet you want your truffles to be will depend on your personal preference. I like mine bittersweet. In my case, since I am using homegrown cacao powder, I had a chance to suit it to my own taste. But then, you can always get chocolate bars from the supermarket. You'll just have to be extra careful in melting chocolates though because it's isn't easier than you might think.

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