Holiday Recipe Idea: Layered Ham and Cheese Potato Bake

Thanks to Facebook!

One of the popular posts that I look forward to on Facebook is that of Tasty's. I definitely love this site because it give kitchen explorers like me hundreds of ideas and must try recipes. Some I have tried out already - my way of treating my family especially on weekends though I failed on a few first attempts but succeed on most I must say.

The latest I have indulged myself to was this Layered Ham and Cheese Potato Bake which I think is a great Holiday recipe idea. I didn't have a square pan (as used on the video) so alternately, I laid all the ingredients down to a loaf pan. Starting off with the sliced uncooked, medium to large sized potatoes, ham (I used chicken) and cheese. Then repeat until the pan is filled.

 photo e3c793e8-fca2-4be4-9dca-6453f0f5896c_zpsxpiumxwh.jpg
Since I would prefer to give a personal touch with my first attempt, I've decided to  modify it a bit by topping it with  sauteed ground pork and covered it with sliced cheese before it went to the oven. About 40 minutes to an hour in a medium heat should do it depending on how thick the sliced potatoes are.

 photo 28fa0b46-425d-4ee0-9489-9acc04b62797_zpsbbc4bsfc.jpg
I would say I nailed that sumptuous taste. My family said it too... (no kidding!) However, the cheddar cheese on top doesn't seem to be the perfect kind to use. It's supposed to melt like how Mozzarella and other quick melt cheeses does. Yea, there's always a first time. :D

Still I couldn't wait to have the perfect version of this on our table come Christmas Eve.