Seafood-Packed Breakfast

Typical "Pinoy" breakfast - eggs (of whichever way it's done), sausage, hotdogs or about anything fried and of course rice.

Ours this morning...

 photo seafood_zps4jsb22fv.jpg

lambay crabs and tahong (mussels)

Last night I brought home these "goodness" fresh from the wet market. It's not my usual thing but I love every chance I get to pick something fresh like these to feast on with the family. Not a single cent is wasted because aside from the fact that it is cheaper when bought from the market and prepare it by yourself, it is also guaranteed fresh and undeniably healthy - not to mention the fun and comfort  of eating it with bare hands and together all of you are doing it while taking your time, it's priceless.

On the other note, it is also my way of celebrating because I am finally half way through my post-graduate studies. The last three semesters have been very challenging yet fruitful and it's nice to recall I haven't been with any mad professor the whole time. LOL.