Family Weekend Treat: Chocolate Overload Roll

Took home this sweet treat from Goldilocks (a popular Filipino cake store) right after my Saturday class this morning to give in to this week's craving.

 photo IMG_20160605_152858_zpsxkwzrnxf.jpg
This weekend treat brought joy not only to my taste buds but to the moppets' as well. They knew very well that I will always make way for this - getting almost a norm - habit of bringing up something each weekend - my way of catching up with them except when I am not around.

I don't have that much tolerance with sweets but you can always count me in if it's dark chocolate... more so if it's nutty. I love it bitter sweet, rich and delicious. And from what I have read, chocolate especially dark ones are not only good for curing a broken heart but this super food has its sweet health benefits including stress reduction and a healthier heart.

I am not on DIY hiatus. I would still prefer doing things myself like I used. Just lately things are getting tougher with both at work and my post-graduate studies. Soon I'd be back in the kitchen and treats would be different then. It is something I always love to look forward to but until then.