Homemade Popsicle to Beat the Summer Heat

It's summer still and so my mommy duty, ie. how to keep the cool of the kids around (we're having a big number this time, by the way) continues.

Homemade Popsicle in different flavors is one of their favorites and I'm glad because apart from being cost-effective considering that I have to prepare for many every time, it is also easy to do as long as you keep that blender in handy.

 photo 128acd96-d6b5-4ba9-b47a-374c2620f53a_zpsvoyeuw96.jpg

Just like amplified PA's I also amplify the preparation of these Popsicle to keep it fresh, healthy and good tasting. Most of the time I use fresh fruits (ie, mango, avocado, watermelon, coconut meat, etc.) but I don't keep chocolate out of the way as it also appeals to the kids once in a while.

What I do to come up with my desired texture and taste is to blend all the ingredients together using crashed ice just like making fruit shakes. I use a can of  both condensed and evaporated milk and a pack of cream for a 3 - litter mixture. That's about two preparations or two rounds of blending. Then simply fill the popsicle molders up and let them sit on the freezer for hours and voila! I usually do it at night so the following day is going to be a happy day for the kids and the kids at heart. :D