Turon de Banana

This incomparable pinoy favorite is simply made of banana, jackfruit and sugar.

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We dine in fancy restaurants on special occasions. We also treat our families, friends and loved ones to famous steak and barbecue houses . Sometimes we take the drive-thru on our way to have a bite of popular meals from our favorite fast food chains. But there's nothing like being home and sharing something you and your family enjoy of having for a snack together.

Turon, as we Filipinos call it is basically made of banana, a slice of jackfruit, wrapped and deep fried  the way we do spring rolls. It is dusted with brown sugar so it will look the way it is. This and other  "kakanin" (native sweet delicacies) makes a perfect snack for a Filipino family especially on weekends where each member is present. It can also make an ideal alternative to burgers and sandwiches while having a picnic or a day in a beach. Young and old, everyone will love this not only healthy but also cost-effective treat. I will definitely have this again later when I make my review for mothers rings from joyjewelers.com.

Apart from bananas, sweet potatoes or cassava can also be used in making turon. I like banana better, though.