Crispy Fried String Beans

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But it's also in the morning where we get very little time (especially us working moms) in preparing healthy meal for the family. So often, we prefer to go for  the easiest to make breakfast - fried egg, fried sausage, fried bacon, fried hotdogs, fried beef loaf - anything fried and I don't want to deprive the kids to all these because whether I like it or not, they love fried stuff.

And so to break the monotony I devised a new addition to my fried recipes and this time with a twist. Say hello to my Crispy Fried String Beans!

 photo e64dbecf-4e33-4cad-af96-f9e81259b1dd_zpsmygvag5c.jpg
I call this "Making something special out of something ordinary" so an ordinary meal won't have to look boring.

This is a not-so time consuming recipe. Simply cut string beans about 2 inches long. Coat it with a mixture of flour and eggs with salt and pepper to taste and fry it until golden brown. From the pan, allow it to sit on a  table napkin for a minute or so to remove excess oil. Then serve with a dip of your choice and let the kids enjoy.