Creamy Potato Marble Salad

One of the recipes I made during the Holiday, particularly the last New Year celebration was this - Creamy Potato Marble Salad.

 photo 7fde40ae-298d-4ad7-b90f-da7b1c023630_zpsaigk0mjt.jpg
Everyone were pretty excited because it was something new to them. Well I tend to be very adventurous when it comes to the kitchen. I love experimenting and trying out recipes that are new to the table.

I considered Potato Marble because other than the fact that it is something round (a New Year thing), it is also found to be very nutritious. For diet conscious like me (at times), this can be one of the best alternatives for rice. A marble or two at a time can already fill a craving stomach.

To make it a complete meal, I added some ham strips and mushrooms to it. That is optional of course. You may add up anything you wish to it such as bacon, salami, sausage slices or even chicken meat - depending on your preference. After all it's a DIY recipe.

To prepare, simply mix all the ingredients together: skinned potato marbles, mayonnaise, cream, salt and pepper to taste, ham strips and sliced mushrooms. Mix well and then garnish with very thinly sliced spring onions and grated carrots on top. Serve and enjoy!

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