Cathedral Windows [First Attempt]

This is probably a very common gelatin recipe for many but this is my first time trying it out. I'm not big on jellies really but the kids does and they're whom I am doing all this weekend cooking thing for.

The Ingredients: Gelatin (the more flavors, the better), all purpose cream, evaporated milk and sugar

 photo b38c0343-92f7-463d-a6d6-0fc6093953d3_zpskz8hykzl.jpg

Dissolve each pack of powdered gelatin into hot water, let it cool and sit in the fridge until it gets firm. Slice jellies as  shown above.

In a pan dissolve 2 tablespoons of unflavored gelatin. As it begin simmering add 2 cups of water, evaporated milk, sugar and finally the all purpose cream.Mix well. Pour the mixture in a container and add in slowly the sliced gelatin. Mix, remove the bubbles and let it sit again to fridge for another two hours or so.

 photo 8fd52e51-538c-4d64-a9d2-b55305a431ea_zpsjg6wnzbu.jpg
 This is how my first attempt went. Glad they loved it!