Whatta Corn Plant!

I don't know how you look at it but to me, I find this thing really amazing right at the very first glance.

 photo Daygon 2015 2_zpsmmm73kfu.jpg
On our way along with my colleagues at work to visit a friend we passed by a house that flashes this simply head-turning plant. Hmm... head-turning, huh? Yes, I find it that way.

We know of course the fact that it is a corn cob (minus the growing baby corn plants along its sides). Not the way how it is supposed to be growing , right? See? That's what make it distinct. And because I was too amazed to believe it is flaunted before my eyes, I took few quick snaps to seize it more when I got home.

Weeks later, when harvest time came (yes, I'm a farm girl now, too -- growing yellow corn), I took 3 cobs home hoping I could make exactly the same thing out of it. I sure didn't know how to and no one's there to teach me either so I just ended up leaving the three cobs sit alone and for however long it can.

Maybe one day...just maybe... I can get back to it and do it... But that's only when I find enough time.

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