Dreaming My Dream One More Time

Look at this piece of bedroom furniture! Isn't it just elegant and stylish?

The color is what I have been dreaming to paint my house one day. Just maybe a little lighter than this and will probably use the same for an overall theme. How do you think that sounds?

To me it's perfect. But not till I get to realize all those dreams! For now, I can just keep on head tripping while feeding my fantasies looking at all these fascinating subjects of my dreams.

If you wonder, where I got this photo, it's from Go Modern Furniture site. A UK-based online furniture shop that covers wide selection of home furnishings like bedroom furniture, dining furniture, living room furniture, bedroom wardrobes, children's bedroom furniture, home office furniture and garden furniture.

If you are big on leather and upholstered bed like that on the picture above, you can subscribe to Go Modern's newsletter to keep up to date with their latest designs as their range of fabrics and leather beds is constantly increasing. You can head on now to www.gomodern.co.uk to see more of this bed designs and to check out the rest of their product listings as well.