Fire Prevention at Home

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March is Fire Prevention Month. Here's what you can do to prevent fire in your home.

Install smoke detectors. Working smoke detectors can alert you to a fire in time for you to escape.

Keep an eye on smokers. Careless smoking is a leading cause of fire deaths.

Cook carefully. Never leave cooking unattended. Keep cooking areas clear of combustibles.

Plan your escape from fire. Sit down with your family and design an escape plan. Make sure that everyone knows at least two unobstructed ways -- doors and windows --- out from every room.

Remember lighters and matches are tools, not toys. Store all matches and lighter up high, where kids can't see or reach them, preferably in a locked cabinet.

Use electricity safely. If an electric appliance smokes or ha an unusual smell, unplug it immediately., and have it serviced before using again. Replace cracked or frayed electrical cord. Don't overload extension cords or rn them under rugs. Don't tamper with your fuse box or use improperly sized fuses.

Check all electrical outlets regularly. If a fuse blows or a circuit breaker is tripped, don't just replace or reset it. Find our the problem and correct it.