The Bar

I'm not a proud drinker but I do drink occasionally. The nerve to try a shot of a local beer started out of curiosity back during my final year in college. It is a plain fact and it isn't a bother for me talking about it as I always see to do it responsibly.

To culminate the Halloween celebration yesterday, our family decided to have a short get-together at my Grandma's place. Shortly after having our mid afternoon snacks the shot glass started rolling and were having this "The Bar" for the ladies and a more stronger spirit for the gents. We paired it with an orange juice of course so the after taste won't cling into our buds. I didn't notice the number of bottles we emptied as I played cards with my cousins as well. I just decided to stop when I started to feel groggy and hopped into the car for a short nap. Then we left the place and called it a day. At home, I turned my PC on, checked my mails and went straight and flat faced to bed after. Good thing I managed to wake up early the following day without such evil hangovers.