Leftover Tuna Spring Rolls Recipe

Making use of your food leftovers won't only reduce the amount of food spoilage at home but would also significantly keep your budget in shape.

Here's what you need to to make crispylicious and healthy rolls out of grilled tuna leftover:

~ flaked grilled tuna left over

~ veggies strips (choices of carrots, potato and green beans)

~ butter

~ onion and garlic

~ powdered pepper

~ spring wrapper

Easy steps to do it:
Heat enough amount of butter. Saute garlic and onion. Add tuna flakes and veggies and season to taste. Set the cooked meat aside and bring to cool for 20-30 minutes before rolling them with spring wrapper.

This fun-to-learn recipe can be best made with your family during weekends. While dad do his search for keyboard stand and bench at musicians friend, mom can likewise prepare the recipe ingredients while the kids may help making flakes out of that tuna meat leftover. How's that for a fun, productive weekend?