DIY Rice Toppings for Breakfast

This happens to be one of it when sometimes I want something else other than what's already on the table for breakfast.

I seldom cook and when I do it always turn out to be something out of ordinary although the ingredients are. I even don't know how to call the thing but it's a mix of ham squares, mushrooms, eggs and hopefully some quick melt cheese too but I'm out of luck for it so I just maximize what are available.

First I sauteed garlic, tomatoes and onions on a butter and then added the sliced ham and mushrooms out. Next I poured down 2 beaten eggs on, seasoned the whole thing with salt and pepper and mixed it up.

Lastly, I half filled a soup bowl with plain rice and topped it with the mixture and voila... there's a hearty rice toppings for me.

Estimate cooking time is less than 10 minutes and yeah, I will probably do it again next time.

There you go... an easy to prepare breakfast you might also want to try yourself. It's real easy that you can do it even while looking for godin bass guitar online. I hope this won't make a dull post for an update here seeing it's been ages since I last did. :D