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TIME is something you can never take back. What is done is done.Time cannot be stored. Everyone no matter how rich or poor spends time the same way, it doesn't speed up for the rich and slow down for the poor. Time is rare. Yes, everybody has the same number of hours, but haven't you noticed that people are complaining that they don't have enough of it? There is just so little time and so much to do that people go out of focus. Time management means giving importance to priorities and nearer deadlines and these give you enough for the crucial activities in life. In modern times, each product, place, or gadget has minute differences that make it very hard for you to choose. There are so many opportunities to choose from as to what to do with your time. By having a plan, you will be able to make intelligent choices. By becoming more conscious of the available time and the choices you've made so far, you focus more on your priorities rather than useless work.

Time management is indeed a gem. Once it becomes a habit, it will be more beneficial than time-consuming.

This reminder is very much applicable to all regardless of what you do in life. It reminds me of the full face respirators wearing people in the movie Prometheus as well. If you've watched that movie. you would know why.