It Doesn't Hurt to be Meticulous Especially When Dining Out

I like eating out with friends. I like exploring new restaurants (not the fancy ones though), food chains and even barbecue houses. That's one thing I miss about having a city life. But I can be meticulous as well not much on the presentation but when it comes to food preparation especially. It's because whether you agree or not there are really owners who care less in observing a clean and tidy workplace in their restaurant.

I actually see a couple myself. But the worst one was that at a barbecue house my friends and I once visited. When dining in a barbecue house it has been a common practice to us Filipinos to ask for the washing area while waiting for our food to be served since barbecues are best eaten with bare clean hands.

On my way to the washing area was where I exactly noticed such a disgusting kitchen they have. Wastes and garbage are everywhere and I'm sure flies and other insects too. So disappointing that I hurriedly walk back and told my friends to just move to the next house even if necessitates us to cancel all our orders. It wasn't meant to spoil the night but that should at least prevent them from going back to that place again and for the working people there to possibly realize what have gone wrong with their place.

If I know I would only get disappointed that night I would have rather stayed home, delighted myself with interesting sites online such as e commerce workflow while having a safe dinner with my family.
Oh well…