Why Do People Buy Bottled Drinking Water

Despite tough economic times, people are still shelling out money for bottled water simply because not all tap water that are said to be safe really are. Consumers especially those who have little kids in their household often prefer bottled drinking water because they feel bottled drinking water is cleaner, safer and healthier.

There are many other reasons why people buy bottled drinking water other than the above mentioned. Like in some places, tap water is extremely dirty or unsuitable for drinking. Other people find their public water supply smelly or tinted with rusty color. But on top of those reasons given is convenience. Obviously it is much easier to just grab a bottle out in the fridge than it is to spend time pouring water into a glass.

But I don’t do that. I’d rather get a water delivery service and buy big gallon that would last me weeks and still use a glass. I simply find it too unrealistic to buy small bottles for regular consumption and then what about the empty bottles after….unless you’re innovative enough and can make something creative out of empty water bottles.