Pig Roasts for Snacks?

Can you imagine a real pig roast on a regular sized table plate?

 photo PICT0177_zps26b2fe1c.jpg

Of course not! What you're looking at right now is a Philippines' famous pig roast (lechon) inspired whole pieces of bread.Yes, it’s bread [bred].

I found this very prolific creation from a certain bakeshop here in my locality. I have seen different sizes and shape of bread from different bread houses before but this is actually my first time to take home "lechon-like bread"?!

I was so fascinated at first that my eyes were so glued and did not even want to touch it. But then later I realized that I bought them instead of the usual preferred bread for our afternoon snacks. LOL! And like everyone's favorite, we all first consumed the roast skin and stuffed the rest with purple jam and cheese. :D