Crispy Fried Pork Hind Leg in Pineapple Sauce

I am and will forever be a kitchen person. Not necessarily that I have to cook everyday but I never miss cooking on special events and important occasions in our family – fiesta, birthdays, anniversaries, etc… I scanned my folders to see pictures of recipes that I cooked myself and found this.

 photo pata_zps5c060d4e.jpg
 I made this crispy fried pork hind leg (locally known as Crispy Pata) during my older sister’s 35th birthday. How will I forget when this recipe left me with burn marks when I tried to slowly dip it into a boiling pan of oil? Think that's what I got from trying so hard to become an expert in doing strenuous recipes such as this. You’d probably just want to look for Zoom Recorders instead of dealing with boiling oil, LOL!