New Finds

Did I mention before how I became fond of needlework, particularly cross-stitching? It actually started with a trend during my college days. Believe me even my school mates before do it during their spare time at school. I get fascinated looking at them so when I found out that the price somehow fits into my budget I didn't think twice to try it.

I had a basic starter kit at first and then I find it strenuous yet addicting and fulfilling so I went on to a more complicated, multi-colored scheme until I realize that I am already making some money out of it. Friends do come and ask if I could do some for them. Like me they find it fascinating too.

I did it for years even after I graduated in college but sadly I need to drop that wonderful hobby of mine to give way to a more serious job... my first formal job that is. Although I didn't stop wishing I could do it again one day. The pieces I've made that are hanged all over our house reminds me of it all the time.

Even now that I'm into a different craft which is blogging, I still find myself looking at pages that feature if not sells embroidery kits. And look at my two new finds...

"Among the green silence"


I just found them from They are cross-stitch schemes and they come in a complete kit along with many other designs. They also sell beadwork kits ideal for fashion oriented people.

I so wanted to do both. Soon I hope. I think they will make a perfect attraction to my still empty living room wall.



  1. Those are amazing. I do a bit of bead work and embroidery but this would be a life's work. Soo pretty though!

  2. These are gorgeous and would look lovely on any living room!

  3. Needlework is a great hobby. It keeps your hands and your mind busy, plus you get to look at something beautiful that you made yourself. I never picked it up, but a lot of my friends are really into knitting and crocheting. The thought of giving it a try has run through my mind more than a few times, but I wonder if I have the patience to really teach learn how to do it.

  4. Beautiful work and what a relaxing hobby. A good solution to decorating your home.