My Family says "NO" to Termites and Bugs

My brother though he refused to pursue his Civil Engineering course in college has the ability to design and do structure sketches. He did mine, moms, sisters and have also designed building structures for some friends.

Termites are destructive that's why being the taskmaster he decided to use less wood when my place was constructed four years ago. He also made sure all woods that were used are protected enough against termite infestation. And although I know it won't last for a long time he still at least know of some pest control solutions in which he taught us to keep our places free not only from termites but to other life threatening pests as well.

So far cockroaches and mosquitoes are the common pests around and I make sure to always keep solutions to get rid of both especially these days that our household is packed with kids. That is of course next to keeping the surroundings and every corner of the house clean and tidy.

And by the way speaking of tidiness, we just had our painting project done at mom’s house recently. My brother, his wife and I made way for it and we’re all proud of ourselves. I should be posting photos of us here some time soon. That was indeed a great accomplishment for me this summer. As for my latest task, it is to find pads for chairs. Still for mom’s wooden living room set. Not sure where to buy them yet but I’ve started looking online and hopefully I can get a good deal from there.