Bicol Express

We’re absolutely not Bicolanos but that didn’t stop my little sister, Thea from impressing my brother and his friends when she gave Bicolano’s best, Bicol Express a shot for a teaser on his birthday last month.

 photo bikolexpress_zps1380a18d.jpg
This is a supposedly super spicy hot recipe but as per requested by me and the gang, she made it more tolerable to our Asian palate, LOL. And because it was done the way we wanted it, we all ended up asking for more. It was so good that you could puff a stick of davidoff after. Good thing the other recipes on the table were just as good (pork rib barbecue, grilled tuna belly, the popular “pansit” (stir fry egg noodles) and vegetable salad) enough to curb our cravings for the already consumed teaser.

The following day she was compelled to make another round of it… for dinner this time. :D