Summer in Our Family

A month of blogging hiatus and now I’m back. I hope you guys are doing well. We have been having a really overwhelming summer so far. April was a fun-filled month for the kids in our household (there are bunch of them if you must know) while the other two souls (my brother and his fiance’) who are about to tie the knot next week are also busy running errands here and there for their wedding. Since they’re having a hard time looking for men’s wedding bands they’ve just both decided to have custom made wedding rings. They’ve got their own design and it turned out really nice.

Mom on the other hand got a new job for the summer - a sitter to her 7 month old granddaughter which she seem to love doing, by the way. I’ve never seen her as enduring to babysit before. That’s kinda new to me, LOL.

My sister, Thea had a summer class so that made me a seasonal chef. Not too overwhelming for a job but feeding bunch of kids is. Oh well… not every day is summer so I don’t think I can complain. No, I can’t. There’s nothing like spending summer with the whole family together. I’m pretty sure I’m going to miss all these after.