Fender Stratocaster

I didn’t know guitars can be of so many kinds. Have you ever heard of “strat” guitars? I haven’t until today and for what I know it is Eric Clapton’s (one of the most influential guitarists of all time) kind of guitar.

 photo stratguitar_zps11cb3ddd.jpg
“Strat” a short for Stratocaster is an electronic guitar made by Fender.

Fender Stratocaster was introduced in 1950s and has since then become one of the most popular and most widely recognized guitars in the entire world. Singers/guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, David Gilmour, Johm Mayer, John Lennon and my personal favorite, Eric Clapton are among of the popular strat guitar players in the music scene.

Although it’s a rock favorite, a Fender Stratocaster is extremely versatile. It’s a high quality guitar and is excellent for both recording and playing live.