Held Up December Party, Soon to Push Through

I just got informed this morning that our December party with my high school buddies that has been postponed due to that devastating storm, Pablo was rescheduled and will finally be pushed through on the 19th of January. I have a male friend to exchange a gift with so now I’m bound to look for mens leather wallets as I have originally planned.

It’s just more like of a simple thanksgiving now though with the added agenda of how we can raise funds to help our affected community – something I am glad about and eager to do because even if it has already been a month since the devastation took place, a lot of people are still struggling and are trying to live no matter what.

I was just gonna go on and forget about the gathering but now that I know the final plan, I am thrilled - not for whatever I may receive but for how will the plan of reaching out may turn out.