Anything for my Goal

I miss doing the family weekend treat. Not that we have been deprived but for the entire month of December and up until today we can’t seem to get our meal routine back on track. Our power supply is still unavailable – preventing us from stuffing our fridge with supplies. For the last Christmas Eve, there’s just my mom, my younger sister, me and my two girls so we’ve decided to only cook enough. Gone are all the holiday meal plans that I readied although in a way, I was also glad I didn’t have to pig out unlike the previous holiday celebrations we’ve had. Now I have no more reason to make a resolution of how much I need to lose this year. The burden that the super storm Pablo brought us is more than enough to cause my weight to drop on its own.

If last year, I was successful on losing some fats, this year I am considering of keeping track of my calorie intake. How I wish I am a consumer of Jason’s Deli then I can make use of jasons deli nutrition guide – would have been a lot easier - but I’m not so obviously it’s going to mean hard work on my part. Oh well… anything for my weight goal.