Weekend "To Dos"

So many things to do, too little time to get all done. But I told myself I’m going to allot the whole weekend emptying the laundry bin, tidying up the untidy, dusting off the dust, organize the disorganized in the house and who knows if I still have some energy left after, put some Christmas decorations on.

I may also have to do some rearranging (again!) to give my narrowing space a new look. Ah -- know that nesting instinct when you’re about to give a labor? Oh I’m sure moms out there know what it’s like and it is just how I exactly feel right now. But you better not get me wrong, LOL! I’m not pregnant… way far from it. Ha-ha-ha! Let’s just say I wanted to give my place an overhaul. Wow, what a word! What about a revamp? Whatever!

Anyway, I better get started now before something else gets in the way. Gotta make this weekend as fun and fulfilling as I can! You guys have a good one too! ;)