Long Overdue Acknowledgement

If you are a constant visitor here, you have probably noticed the changes of this blog’s look. When it comes to customizing my blog themes my budget is always tight, (silly grin). Probably because I want to convince myself I can do it – not all though but how else do I get to learn than trying things out by myself? Does that make sense to you? I have been in this blogland for 5 years and none of my blogs are touched by any designers around even those I know of.

But having been offered a free hand, how am I supposed to say NO? That’s right and Homemaking and Beyond happened to be the first among my blog pages to have received a free blog layout design from the generous Gagay of I am but Gagay for free!

It’s exactly been a year since I first met Gagay and who would have known I would be introduced to her on her birthday last year? Meeting her was actually one of my 2011 highlights. Wanna know why? Because it was her who made me (along with our other friends/Davao bloggers) try exotic crocodile dishes at the Riverwalk Restaurant inside the Davao’s famous, Crocodile Park!


There's us with the Davao bloggers on Gagay's night
from left: Adah and her son, Moi, Genevive, the birthday girl, Gagay, Verna Liza (in red) and the couple Ace and Crislyn Nierva

Hmm… can you digest what I just said?

Crocodile dishes… yes we’ve tried a few. :D

Okay, ease out…

Anyway, so since then we became virtually close. We normally hit each other through Facebook’s chat window. I didn’t know she has a knack on this blog layout editing thing until she opened up about it and eventually offered me to try what she can do.

Now here it is…

Everything you see around this page except the blog posts is made by her. I like it simple and neat – just exactly how I want all my pages to be like. I won’t be surprise if one day she’ll join the circle of prolific people in providing blog designing services in the blog land one day. :)

Thanks a lot dok! ;)



  1. crocodile dishes? yay! hehehehhe. how was it? I've never tried that yet and i don't think i will... I miss those food being laid on banana leaves

  2. Wow, you tried eating crocs?...Ang T-shirt lang ni Gagay ang akoa bi...palihog kog tell...ahehe

  3. that's really cool to know, you never know who are you going to meet in here, but when it does, it will be the person that would help you into everything you want to know.

  4. It is so sweet and kind of Gagay to lend you a hand in this blog's layout. She is quite a friendly girl. Anyway, good for you bloggers kay nag-meet na mo personally. And ha, you've tried crocodile dishes? I wonder how those taste like. How I wish i could meet all of you in the photo one day. I think i see Genevive (my cr girl-friend) and Ma'am Vernz in the photo.

  5. I tried the croc dish too and it is an aphrodisiac so I hope you didnt feel strange after eating it...:P...by the way congrats to the new design, its neat and clean

  6. isn't that funny to look, we don't see who are the friends that would last and will be there for us, than those we knew yet they decided not to acknowledge the friendship

  7. It is always a great thing to meet bloggers and become real good friends over time :-)

    As to the crocodile dish, I would love to try it one day. I ate some exotic dishes before and this will really test how I can stomach it. But I heard it is really delicious so

  8. Happy new look mommy verns! Tell Doki too ako blog sunod. ^&^

    Crocodile dishes? Hmmm pwede chicken? hahaha

  9. opsss sis Nans, wrong number. I was looking at the one in red man gud and u mentioned that mommy verns, mommy verns dayon akong nasulat. hahaha soweeee

  10. I'm still debating in my mind if I am going to redesign my blog's look. I'm scared that I might ruin it. Glad a friend opted to give you a helping hand. :)

  11. I too like it simple and not too much fuss where I could get lost in my own page. hahahaha... I like it too. Simple and Clean. How nice of her! And one lovely photo of you guys. How I miss my friends back in Pinas. :)

  12. I too like it simple and not too much fuss where I could get lost in my own page. hahahaha... I like it too. Simple and Clean. How nice of her! And one lovely photo of you guys. How I miss my friends back in Pinas. :) Well, I must admit I have actually tried fried gator tail when we were in Florida. Didn't really know about it until someone told me. Oh dear!