Howdy folks!

Wow, has it been a week? Time really flies so fast. Too many things in mind to blog about yet time seem getting very limited for a blogger like me with multiple blogs to keep up with. No matter how early you wake up in the morning, time seems inadequate still.

Anyway, let me just do some quick rundown here for what I went through the whole week.
If you have noticed, I made some changes here. Well obviously it’s the layout of this blog’s theme. Fortunately I got a free hand from a generous friend but wait… spare me the details of that story for now. I should be talking about that in a separate post. ;)

Early this month, my aunt (pa’s sister) came down from the city to personally invite us to her son’s wedding on the 8th next month. So it’s confirmed… mom and I are going. But yesterday my cousin, Vien (the soon to be groom’s sister) from Sydney relayed to me about the couple’s idea of having me for a cord sponsor. What???

Oh well, I couldn’t really say no to them. How could I? It’s the biggest moment of their lives and I don’t in any way want to spoil the preparation so it’s a YES! Guess it's time to start looking for a dress to wear! :D

And lastly before I end this post and head out to look and see for myself what duet apogee at Musicians friend is (this had me intrigued), today is my youngest niece’s Christening. Sadly I can’t be there as planned. Mom has to be away for a 2-day convention out of town and I’m supposed to look after the house and of course my other nieces when sister is at school. Yea, that’s pretty much a routine to me. What else is new?