Too Quite for a Saturday Morning

It’s supposed to be a lively day with the kids being off from school but no, it’s the other way around. They all went out to my Lola’s (grandma) after their classes yesterday with their mommy and won’t be home until tomorrow, Sunday. Not like it’s a big deal but I just took notice how empty mom’s house is without them. But I’m happy they get to go out and have fun with their cousins and other children their ages while mom and I would have a chance to well… do some cleaning together while they’re out and since there’s just the two of us then I might as well take her out for dinner later. Not having everyone around means no Family Weekend Treat post for me but that’s fine. I will just save it for next weekend then.

And I think I need to end this post now as well so I can head on and start doing the house chores. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. ;)