Looking Forward to Do Guitar Strumming Again

Another school semestral break is approaching. That means the kids will be off school again for two weeks and I can’t wait because that is the only time where we could catch up with each other apart from the long holidays in December. I’m hoping I could buy that guitar I’ve been planning to have before the break so the girls would have something new to try on learning too while on vacation. Like their mom, they embrace music too and they both like to sing a lot.

I’ve seen used prs guitars for sale at musicians friend. They’re really good ones however, what I really wanted is just an acoustic since we already have an electric guitar. It’s a pretty much old guitar that belongs to my father but my brother has it now after he left. It was also the guitar I use when brother taught me how to play the first time.

As for my girls, I thought maybe they would like the idea of playing some of their favourite songs using a guitar. If not, then no worries. It’s my personal preference anyway. I can always keep the guitar for myself. In fact, I have many songs in mind lately that I so wanted to play. I just wish though I still know how to go around with the basic guitar chords otherwise, I’m screwed, LOL.



  1. You should definitely revisit guitar playing :). I used to play the guitar a lot back in the day, but lately, I haven't gotten around to doing so. My guitar is gathering dust in the closet.