Happy Soul

I have spoken to a Filipino, Dubai-based friend yesterday and for the second time she asked me how I would like to help her run an online store. She’s a good friend of mine who got the chance to work and eventually got married to a British National in Dubai. Serving the company she’d been working with for number of years allows her to invest on various properties back in her hometown. She’s also very business-minded – open to venture on almost anything that could make her decent profit – name it – she’ll have a knack on it. If I’m lucky to have guessed it right, she probably know the best way to buy gold too since she’s into selling precious gems and gold jewelry articles as well.

Early this year was when she first told me about taking her jewelry business online and proposed for partnership. I couldn’t say yes back then because I am not sure if I could make time to build a website for her just yet. Time passed and I thought she had it sorted out by herself but obviously not when she brought it up again in our conversation yesterday. I wish I could have said no… not because I am not interested but because I’m afraid I might not be able to keep up. But then I figure saying so would disappoint her seeing she knows nothing about building a website at all. I didn’t want her to feel that way so I just said yes although I didn’t promise as to when I could get the thing done for her. That’s it… a simple nod from me and now she’s a happy soul.