Moringa Oleifera

Do you have this in your backyard? My friend has it in hers and that is how I got this photo obviously. See, I told you I have this ambitious set of eyes for photography. I take pictures of almost anything any where I go. :D


Not that it is my first time to have seen Moringa leaf or locally known as “malunggay”. We used to grow “malunggay” in our backyard too but ours was not as green and leafy as this – just not as healthy as this and I’m really impressed.

I made some research earlier as well before drafting this post and surprisingly found out that it actually has several English names – moringa, benzolive tree and West Indian ben. It is also known as drumstick tree, from the appearance of the long, slender, triangular seed pods, horseradish tree, from the taste of the roots which resembles horseradish, or ben oil tree, from the oil derived from the seeds.

India according to Wikipedia is the largest producer of Moringa. It is also widely cultivated in Africa, Cambodia, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Central and South America, and Sri Lanka.

Here in our country, we grow Moringa for its leaves. See this photo below?


That’s how I like it best! ;)



  1. We have malunggay in our front yard and back yard;) para di na kami bibili pag gulay ang uulamin;)

  2. In our province my grandma used to have few trees of malunggay in her backyard, and I really like it when she makes tinolang manok..

    Oh that picture above makes me hungry..I will try that dish one of these days, uncha gani ngalan ani, law-oy???

  3. We tried growing one here in our place but we are unsuccessful somehow. We've tried twice already and we no longer do it since we can just get some just next door in our neighbor.

  4. i so miss this kind of dish and having kalamungay. it gonna be a while for me to have this kind of food

  5. omy i'm so jelly of how tall and healthy your maluggay trees are. i wish i could grow one on my backyard someday.

  6. Hmmm. the gulay is very yummy. I miss this type of ulam :-) I wish I can plant it here but it's fall already and come winter time this will surely not survive unless I have to put it in a pot and bring it inside the house :-)

  7. Wow too many kamunggay...If i liv in the Philippines one day surely will have it in the backyard. Its hard to have it here in US....I like the food yummy.