Ilocano Rice Cake

I am fond of native foods. Are you? That’s why instead of taking a full lunch meal, I ended up pigging out on this rice cake instead when a friend invited us over for lunch last weekend.


I have tried several rice cakes from different makers (because none in our family knows how to do it) but the Ilocano version seems to standout. The taste is simply delightful - nothing monotonous unlike other types of rice cakes like “suman” (glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk, steamed in banana leaves). And not only is it best when paired with hot chocolate but also with ice cold pop or soda.

The crappy part is I failed to ask for its recipe. Oh well… maybe some other time. Besides I need a one-on-one tutorial when it comes to recipes like this. I don’t think I reaped my grandma’s skills and ability in preparing native recipes. My little brother did.

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  1. hello po, nasaan na po ang recipe, ang tagal na po akong nagha2nap ng recipe pero ang naka2alam nito ay ang namatay kong grandma sa Phils, pls po thank you po