Family Weekend Treat: Pancit Lomi + Spring Rolls

The presence of my sister and my nieces this weekend has given me more reason to make something… well… not really special but rather everyone’s afternoon snack favorite – Lomi or Pancit Lomi paired with creamy loaf of bread and flavored iced tea to complete the goodness.


I guess what made it special in a way is how it is being prepared. Knowing me… I always try to put my heart into something that I am trying to do especially when preparing food for the family.

This Chinese-Filipino dish along with other popular short order recipes like Bihon Guisado, Canton Guisado, Chopsuey, Buttered/Friend Chicken, Sweet and Sour to name a few are commonly found and available for take-out from small restaurants and even in some city hotels.

I’m a little generous last weekend so they also got to enjoy some spring rolls or "lumpia" dipped on a sweet and spicy sauce – another family’s favorite.


I use chicken this time instead of the usual pork meat. Maybe I could squeeze some time for the recipe next time. But that’s it for now.

Simple treat, simple joys. What have you got for your family last weekend?



  1. Hmmm yumminess! I miss eating the lomi in favorite resto back in my town in Pinas...Your food picture really looks inviting!

  2. Your post reminds me of the time when my grandfather is still alive. We used to have barbeque party or order pancit in my grandma's house. All of us are there every weekend.

  3. wow that lomoi look so delicious! i missed the lomi at home.. its good for cold weather. about the spring roll i used turkey. its very tasty and no fats at all. =)