Rearranging my Room Again

I can’t seem to go a month without moving a thing from one place to another here in my room.

Imagine this…

What’s in my bedroom: a built-in bathroom (that of course I can’t move anywhere), a queen-sized bed, a built-in closet, a rack that holds various stuffs (hard files, docs, books, etc.), a five-compartment multi-purpose home mate, a desktop computer set and an air conditioning unit to keep the room well-ventilated at night. With just a single window pane, sleeping tight would be next to impossible without it.

While in my living room I have: a wall fan, a 3-piece corner set, a 22-inch TV, a 3-compartment home mate, a magazine stand and a 5 cubic fridge and a small traveling laptop table.

With a small space, every measurement counts. I always have to constantly think of ways on how to make it look neat and organized. Actually one way of doing that is for me to just stop thinking of adding up more space-consuming goods that I really don’t need. That’s that!

Anyway, so back to my developing habit of moving things… yesterday since it’s Sunday and there’s really nothing much to be done, I finally got the time to figure out how to bring in natural light into my then gloomy living room. For that, I had to move the fridge that once blocking the windows to my bedroom and pulled the computer table out… did a little rearranging and next thing I see is my happy and delighted self! I probably won’t be touching the new arrangement again till there’s a need to in the future. :)

Hmm… did I just actually say that?