Family Weekend Treat: Crushed Pineapple Float

So I went to the grocery store yesterday and think I’d love to have something sweet for the weekend. I originally had mango float in mind. I scouted the veggies and fruits section but such luck is tough. No mangoes. :( I refused to go somewhere else so I thought maybe I could use something else instead. The second bet was pineapple. Perfect! I found crushed pineapple in heavy syrup, grabbed the rest of the ingredients and paid them off.

The preparations is actually no different except that you don’t need to exert any more effort to peel and slice the pineapple because it’s in a can - although if you prefer fresh ones then that can be too.

So to begin with, here are the ingredients:
3 packs Graham Crackers
2 packs (250ml) Nestle All Purpose Cream
1 big can Condensed Milk
3 small cans Del Monte Crushed Pineapple in Heavy Syrup


A mixture of 2 packs all-purpose cream and a big can of condensed milk should make three floats (a pack of Graham crackers for each) with a 6 x 4 x 3 pan size. The reason why I only use a can of milk is because the pineapple itself is already sweetened… well unless you really like it too sweet then you could add more milk to the mixture.

First layer down Graham crackers then spread crushed pineapples on and top it with the cream and milk mixture. Repeat these steps till you make at least 4-5 layers. For the final layer you can cover it with crushed grahams just like what’s shown on the photo above. Let it chilled for at least two hours and serve.




  1. It's been a while since I prep something like this. My boys love peaches for toppings :-)

  2. Heard this for the first time. Usually kasi mango float so interesting!

    Visiting for YS- hope you can stop by..