Family Weekend Treat: Warm Fruit and Root Crop Stew

Locally we call it guinataan or binignit in Bisaya. My late dad used to like this recipe a lot. Back then he’d rather make us binignit on some weekends than run to the bread house to buy us hot bread with a bottle of cheese if not peanut butter spread.


After his passing, my brother acquired that ability of his to make us good Pinoy recipes or kakanin for us to share especially during weekends and on some important occasions and yea, he’s been satisfying our taste buds for years. But then again, we know we can’t have him forever as he has to live a life of his own too along with his family. Glad there’s mom who is still up to doing things like this for us. We just all love having this kind of treat every once in a while.

I definitely don’t know how to prepare it myself so for its recipe you may refer to this link.