And here we go again… Incompatible Blog Theme!

It started with me wondering why I cannot access my Dashboard. Then I attempted to create a new post but it won’t allow me either. Confused and clueless of what could have happened, I immediately contacted my blog host to seek for assistance. She figured what the problem was right away but couldn’t help to save its layout. :(

So yea, as you obviously can see this page’s theme is back to its default look yet once again. Thanks to the new Wordpress for giving me such a headache. If I knew it’s gonna mess it up I would have just ignored the update. Whew! This is getting way disappointing. Looking for a theme in itself is already a pain, what more the tweaking. I mean if I have that much extra I could have just ask someone to do it for me and do it right for the final time then I don’t have to worry on the same issues in the future.

This event made me refuse to update the rest of my Wordpress blogs fearing the same thing may happen and I just cannot handle the pressure it may bring. I would rather think it’s going to be too much… so not now! I’d rather leave the rest of the pages as it is and well good luck to myself I guess for the theme hunt. What can I say?