Soon to Secure my Place with Window Grills

Missing in action! This site was for number of days. My host seems to overlook it when she did the server transfer about two weeks ago. I only took notice when I was going to post an update the other day but couldn’t. Good thing she’s too quick to fix it for me. Additionally, I got also exhausted preparing for my little brother’s birthday celebration last week that literally dragged my energy level down, thus, the long post gap.

Anyway, I was just going to talk about another juice from blogging. Lately, I have been so blessed with many online opportunities that allow me to bring back some of my petty dreams around and turn them to reality.

In my previous post, I have mentioned how blogging enabled me to buy things, (specifically house furnishings) I need to complete my then empty box, now an almost complete work/dwelling place.

This time around, I am looking to secure my place and so last week I ordered for window grills and that should be installed anytime this week. I know security should have been my priority concern in the first place but just sometimes I get misguided by my impulse. Or let’s just say I am more determined to ensure what I think I need – yea, read it – N-E-E-D, not want. Well, at least for now! ;)

But it doesn’t matter now which came first from my list. I at least have most of them materialized now and the best part is… I don’t have to ask any of it from someone else.

I can’t wait to see how it is when done... and more so when installed. I refused to look at the builder’s catalogue for a design and took mine off the Internet instead. It’s rather simple but I’m sure no houses around will wear the same window grills design like mine… not from what I’ve seen at least. ;)