Household Tips

1. Stinky Situation
You had a piece of fish where smell has gone bad leaving the refrigerator stinks. What to do?

Oh, how that smell can linger! First toss anything that could have absorbed the scent. Clean the interior surfaces with baking soda and water or use vinegar o wipe down the walls. Next, place a large, flat bowl of baking soda in the fridge (better than a box as there are more surface area to absorb odors), or try adding a few drops of lemon extract or essential oil to cotton ball and stash it on a shelf. Last ditch effort: stuff crumpled-up newspaper on one shelf and in all of the bins overnight, then discard. This often helps suck up awful odors. If the smell still persists. Check the manual to see if your fridge has an air filter – if so, it may need to be cleaned or changed.

2. Cabinet Crud
The cabinet in your kitchen has accumulated a greasy, smoky film. The easy way to clean it:

Start simple: Use a microfiber cloth and warm tap water; rub hard with the grain of the wood. If that doesn’t work, try using nylon netting (find it at fabric stores) or a fine plastic scrubber, again with just water. No luck? Mix 1 teaspoon sudsy ammonia with 1 cup water and apply with a microfiber cloth, working in circles; rinse with tap water and wipe dry. You can also dab a paper towel in mineral oil and apply to the strain, leave it for few hours (this may help soften the gunk), and then wipe some more.

(Source: Good Housekeeping Mag - March 2012 issue)