Sleek, Innovative, Space- Saver Home Mates

One day I scouted my closet for a pair of sack and realized how cluttered my stuffs in it have already become- made me instantly think of buying a new storage. I was thinking of something like what I saw back at the appliance store but then again I realize its size is not what I need in my narrowing bedroom. So off to the nearest mall in town I go and there I found this innovative, perfect for my space home mate.

A picture of it both empty and filled…

home mate

I like it sleek and space friendly. And for only 2,600 PhP or roughly $61.00, not only did I able to stuff garments in it but it also gave extra room for my cosmetics and other personal essentials. :D

However, the shopping didn’t end there. Well it must have ended there but it seems as if I can’t step out towards that mall exit door without taking this home too… a kitchen mate version of that storage above. Whew!

kitchen mate

It’s a roughly $44.00 four-compartment storage that works really well for the kind and size of kitchen that I have! ;)