Blogging Juice: Narrowing my Living Room Space All the More

It was in mid-2010 when I acquired my 3-room place. I refuse to call it a house because of its very limited space (a single bedroom, a built-in bathroom and a mini living room). Utilizing my mom’s extra space (a used to be little field for our fruit bearing trees) right behind her house I built a boxed type structure initially designed for a work place… a home office… which later own became my own little haven. Still I refuse to call it a house but rather a pad.

From there I started building my small dream for this small place. It’s pretty fascinating. I feel like I am just playing a doll house.

Over time, I fill each room with necessary fixtures and furniture. Before in my living room alone, there was just a single rack, a 21 inch television set on it my PC table and a white mono-block bench.

Also before I used to just crash to my mom’s kitchen each time I need my tummy stuffed. But I realized I’m under a weight-loss management program and designing my own meal plan can only be possible if I do it myself. Over at moms I can only grab what’s available. That cannot be. I have to be consistent. I figure I need to provide myself ways to do that and so I’ve created this mini kitchen - equipped with necessary kitchen tools plus I also bought this new small fridge where I can stuff my own supplies.

Can you imagine how narrow my living room space has become now?

What if I tell you I just added this new corner set in it?

Then I can finally say I’m done adding things up! For my living room, that is. :D