Pritong Saging na Saba: Pinoy Meryenda Treat

Fried saba also known as sweet banana is a popular Filipino snack dish. It is a favorite in our household especially to children. :)

Back in he days my late father is fond of growing fruit bearing trees including several variety of banana trees but we lost most of them when Ma and Pa decided to move to another place– our current home. When he died in 2003 my little brother assumed his fascination and was able to grow different fruit trees in our yard. We have two durian trees that are set to bear fruits next year, rambutan ( a pinoy version of Lychee), the solo variety of papaya, guava, kalamansi and of course the two varieties of banana – the sweet silk (tundan as they locally call it) and cardava banana.

Back to banana… each time a tree bears fruit we never fail to feast on it. My brother loves to cook as much as he loves to raise fruit trees.

It is Sunday and kids are gathered up all around and so he made us a platter of this fried bananas for our afternoon snacks. Hmm… treats like this is best savored especially when served hot and fresh out from the pan. Kids love it crystal white sugar coated while we adults like it buttered before dipping it into sugar. Oh, and with coffee on the side. :D

Another popular banana snack or dessert dish which we also do occassionally is called minatamis na saging (sweetened banana).  It is banana plantains boiled in coconut milk and caramel sauce. Will talk more about this dish on a separate blog post soon. ;)