Homemade Chicken Springrolls Recipe

Next to stir fry noodles, spring rolls (locally called lumpia) – be it veggies, pork or chicken filled is not only my personal favorite but my family’s too. It is another recipe we can’t go without on special gatherings – fiesta, birthdays, anniversaries, name it. And since everyone love it especially the kids, one has to know how to do it. That someone happens to be me. :D

For the last holidays, I made chicken spring rolls for a change instead of the typical pork.  Preparation is really quite simple. You just have to thoroughly mix all these ingredients:

1 kilo ground chicken
1 beaten egg
1 tbsp. cornstarch
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. ground white pepper
Minced garlic
Thinly sliced spring onions (as many as you can)
1 med-large ground carrot (optional)

Wrap a teaspoon of the mixed ingredients using lumpia shell or wrapper.

Always look for fresh ground meat at the wet section of the grocery store. Fresh is when the meat’s color is still reddish if not pinkish. However, you want to make sure what you are getting is 100% meat and not just tiny bits of this and that – in short, scrap and not to mention fats! If you aren’t sure what you are buying, better pack your own whole meat (boneless of course) and bring it to grinding machine.

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