Rush Gift Wrapping… DIY Gift box to the Rescue

I had so many things in mind weeks before Christmas that I failed to remember I have presents to wrap. It’s the 24th already and kids should be opening their gifts soon on Christmas Eve.

I still have a dozen to wrap (most for kids) but I already run out of gift boxes. Thanks to the nearby bookstore for making things available for me. I purchased 2 illustration boards and a duct tape. Cut the boards into pieces, folded them into 4 equal sides according to the size of the gift item, taped it to hold each side and voila! Wrapping’s done in no time.

I know to some fancy wrapping papers are overrated. Not for me… and not if I have to do it especially for kids. For them, the fancier the merrier they get no matter how simple the actual gift is. Don’t you think so too? :D